Current conditions from King Hill
Updated every 5 minutes
  Saturday July 23, 2016


  National Weather Service - Burlington
  Robert Lyons Photography - provided our title banner picture
  Ben's Weather Station - another weather station in the King Hill area
  E-Rice - the hosting provider for Westford Weather. Extremely reasonable hosting.

  Links to sites who provide scripts or software used here

  WxSolution - uploads the data and produces the climate reports
  Saratoga Weather Scripts
  Weather History script by Jim McMurry
  Local Storm Report script
  Desert Weather - John graciously allowed me to copy his site design
  Menu by Stu Nicholls
  VM95 - captures images from the Olympus C-4000Z every 5 minutes and uploads to web page
  Weather Graphic script from Anole Computer - see below
  My Bloggie - haven't used the blog much

Current Radar Loop:

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