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  Friday July 25, 2014

Camera Gallery
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How the night time pictures are taken

The first picture!

Just after sunset, plane trails

Another plane trail

Leaves flying on a breezy day

Cirrus on a full moon night

Pink Sunset

Golden light before sunset

Faint plane trail

Frosty pink sunrise

Full moon night

Plane trail

Meteor trail in upper right

Plane trail

Colorful sunset

2 AM, full moon and snowcover look like midday

Freezing rain on the window

Two plane trails

Red winged blackbird (on left) in flight

Partial halo around the sun

Approaching shelf cloud ahead of a thunderstorm


Fireworks at the neighbors 1

Fireworks at the neighbors 2

What could have been
Several lightning bolts out of focus

A turkey family wanders through

More out of focus lightning

Attack of the killer hornets

Two deer browsing (lower left)

A bird (probably a chickadee) flies through

A deer visits Westford Weather

Another visit from a deer

Hailstones, 1 1/2 inches in diameter and larger, scattered on the lawn




Awesome Lightning

Another Fantastic Lightning Shot

Another Fantastic Lightning Shot





Possible meteor

Current Radar Loop:

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